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CUTANA™ CUT&RUN Library Prep Kit with Primer Set 1

Product name
CUTANA™ CUT&RUN Library Prep Kit with Primer Set 1
Catalog number
14-1001 (48 rxns)
"The CUTANA™ CUT&RUN Library Prep Kit offers high fidelity library generation for Illumina® sequencing by harnessing the power of New England Biolabs® best-in-class NEBNext® reagents. The kit offers a streamlined protocol specifically optimized for high sensitivity CUT&RUN applications, including those with low cell inputs. Included are all necessary reagents to perform end repair, adaptor ligation, combinatorial dual indexing for multiplexing up to 48 samples, and DNA cleanup with SPRIselect reagent from Beckman Coulter, Inc.* If additional multiplexing is desired, this kit can be used in tandem with Primer Set 2 (EpiCypher 14-1002) for up to 96 samples. Pairing this kit with the EpiCypher CUT&RUN Kit (EpiCypher 14-1048) affords users a cells-to-sequencing solution for chromatin mapping experiments with all the necessary controls and validated reagents to ensure confidence in obtaining high quality data. 
EpiCypher, Inc.
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