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StemBeads BDNF

Product name
StemBeads BDNF
Catalog number
SBBD1 (1 ml)
StemBeads® BDNF is a patented growth factor supplement that offers a novel way to culture cells with Brain Cell Derived Neurotrophic Factor more efficiently, with greater control and fewer medium changes. StemBeads® BDNF are microparticles composed of an FDA approved, biodegradable polymer that is loaded with recombinant human Brain Cell Derived Neurotrophic Factor. Under the microscope, StemBeads® will appear as small dark spheres that do not harm the cells, and with time, will break down while releasing the encapsulated protein at a controlled rate. Controlled delivery and stable levels of BDNF improve cell cultures, while saving researchers valuable time and resources. 
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Cells, Media & Fractions
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Support Products
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