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StemBeads FGF2

Product name
StemBeads FGF2
Catalog number
SB501 (1ml)
SB500 (3ml)
StemBeads FGF2 tebu-bio Stem cell scientists can spend their week-end at home -=> Maintain Undifferentiated Stem Cell Cultures with Biweekly FeedingStem Beads FGF2 is a revolutionary growth factor supplement that offers a more efficient way to grow FGF2 dependent stem cell cultures. Already verified in some of the top stem cell labs in the USA, this supplement delivers a steady release of growth factor into your media of choice creating a more stable environment allowing for: Reduction of Media Changes by 67%- Significant Savings on Media Costs- Better Quality Cultures by Reduction of Spontaneous Differentiation- Use of Your Favorite Media, No Change of Culture Conditions. 7.5uls of StemBeads are needed per 1 ml of growth media 
Product category
Cells, Media & Fractions
Product sub category
Media & ECM
Culture Beads
Shipment info
Cool Pack
Nacres Codification

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StemBeads FGF2 FAQs

While using StemBeads, my growth medium is more yellow than usual. Is that a problem?

Because you are changing media less frequently, the media pH will change quicker sometimes indicated by yellow media. While this does occur, the cells growing are unaffected, with no effects on cell growth and/or differentiation. Try plating cells at a lower density to avoid such yellow media. StemBeads FGF2 work optimally at medium to lower densities as cells expand rapidly.

Towards the end of my culture, I notice some StemBeads stuck to cells or colonies. Is that a problem?

StemBeads release the majority of FGF2 by 7 days, so if you do see residual StemBeads in your dish by the time you split, they most likely are not active. The StemBeads are biodegradable, and with time will disappear and not harm the cells.

How much time will I save with StemBeads FGF2?

Instead of changing media daily for pluripotent cells, now you can change media twice in one week. That saves over 65% of your valuable time!

What is the shelf life of StemBeads FGF2?

StemBeads can be stored at 4°C for 6 months without loss of activity.

What cell types can I grow using StemBeads FGF2?

As of now, we have extensive testing on human pluripotent stem cells (ESC, iPSC) and mouse and human neural stem cells. However, we are confident that StemBeads FGF2 will work with any FGF2 dependent cell type such as MSCs, and other cell lines.

What concentration does StemBeads FGF2 release at?

The StemBeads are designed to release at 10 ng/ml.


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StemBeads FGF2 tebu-bio