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Agarose,S3 High Capacity Acyl-rac Capture Resin

Product name
Agarose,S3 High Capacity Acyl-rac Capture Resin
Catalog number
AR-SS-2 (5 mL)
High capacity thiol reactive,S3 acyl-rac capture Resin is one of reactive agarose beads that can be used for reversible caputure and release proteins containing free thiol groups, an excellent tool for acyl-rac protein capture and assay use. S3 thiol capture beads contain reactive pyridyldisulfide bonds that can react easily with free thiol groups under mild conditions. Reaction between thiol and pyridyl disulfide results a reversible dithio bond that can be cleaved by common dithio reducing agents. Compared to other thiol reactive beads, S3 Beads have exceptionally high thiol reaction capacity; Density of thiol reactive groups on S3 beads is 30-50 times over conventional thiol activated agarose beads. S3 beads can be used in many applications, such as acyl-RAC protein assays; Site-specific protein immobilizations; Protein purification, digestion and analysis. S3 beads are ideal replacements for commonly used activated Thiol-Sepharose 4B or Thiopropyl Sepharose 6B from GE. 
Product category
Lab Consumables
Product sub category
Beads & Microspheres
Biological activity
Shipment info
Room Temperature
Nacres Codification

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