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shRNA clone set against Human A3GALT2

Product name
shRNA clone set against Human A3GALT2
Catalog number
HSH002449-CU6 (3x5 ug)
HSH002449-LVRU6GP (3x5 ug)
shRNA clone set against Human A3GALT2(NM_001080438.1) (5ug × 3) (Includes free control) 
Product category
Expression Vectors
Product sub category
Target species
Biological activity
Shipment info
Room Temperature
Nacres Codification

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OmicsLink™ shRNA kits: shRNA clone collection & RNAi expression vectors FAQs

What is included in the OmicsLink™ shRNA kits?

Each set contains 4 shRNA expression constructs and a Scrambled control included for free. The hairpin consists of a 7 base loop and 19~29 base stem optimized for the specific gene sequence. The sequences of 19~29mer shRNAi will be delivered with shRNA clones. (Delivery format: 5 µg purified plasmid)

What solutions can I use for hard-to-transfect cells?

tebu-bio offers shRNA lentiviral vectors (HIV and FIV), Lentiviral packaging kits and cell line for lentivirus production. This offer has been designed for hard-to-transfect cells.
A complete list of tools are available to help you produce lentiviral particles (Lentiviral packaging kits, cell line for lentivius production) or deliver the shRNA clone sets directly in lentiviral particles.

Can I select the plasmid transfected cells?

Yes, the cells can be selected with culture media containing puromycin.

Can I select the infected cells?

Yes, the cells can be selected with culture media containing puromycin

Which control is included in the shRNA kit ?

For any experiment involving the introduction of foreign DNA into cells, it is important to eliminate any non-specific effects by using a control. With all our shRNA clone sets, we provide a control including a scrambled sequence.

How to validate the quality of the cells?

1 of the 4 shRNA will have a knockdown effect of 70% or more as determined by qRT-PCR in a number of different research cell lines including (but not limited to) commonly used cell lines.
To properly assess knock-down efficiency, the gene expression level of a scramble control vector (included in the kit) must be used in comparison with the target-specific shRNA transfected samples. 
Western Blot is recommended over qPCR to evaluate the silencing effect of the shRNA constructs post-transfection. 

Do you provide the sequences of the shRNA ?

Yes, we provide all the sequences used to design the sets at products delivery.

Do you provide the sequences of the shRNA control?

Yes, we provide all the sequences used to design the sets at products delivery.

Can I used FIV or HIV vectors for transfections?

You can use all the shRNA DNA plasmids directly for transfection and gene-knockdown studies

Does tebu-bio offer custom productions oflentivirus particles or lentiviral shRNA vectors?

Yes, custom lentivirus production services is offered for any construct including ORF cDNA, shRNA, miRNA precursors, miRNA inhibitors, and promoter reporters, 

Can I make stable cell lines with the lentiviral vector?

Yes, the puromycin resistance marker is within the lentiviral packaging cassette. You can select stable cell lines upon transfection, or more effectively, upon transduction.

Does tebu-bio offers products for RNAi efficiency evaluation?

tebu-bio offers a wide range of products for detection gene expression including: RNA extraction kits, qPCR primers (primer pairs and qPCR standards) and reagents as sybergreen, enzymes…
More than 150.000 primary antibodies are available for protein detection.



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