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alpha C-conotoxin PrXA

Product name
alpha C-conotoxin PrXA
Catalog number
13CON016-00100 (100ug)
13CON016-00500 (500ug)
Selective blocker of Alpha1/Beta1/Epsilon/Delta and Alpha1/Beta1/Gamma/Delta nAChR subunits: AlphaC-Conotoxin PrXA (AlphaC-PrXA) was originally isolated from the venom of the fish-hunting Conus parius. AlphaC-Conotoxin PrXA is a highly specific inhibitor of the neuromuscular nAChR. It potently antagonizes mouse muscle adult Alpha1/Beta1/Epsilon/Delta nAChR subunits (IC50 = 1.8 nM) as well as fetal mouse muscle Alpha1/Beta1/Gamma/Delta nAChR subunits (IC50 = 3 nM). AlphaC-Conotoxin PrXA competes with Alpha-bungarotoxin for binding at the Alpha/Delta and Alpha/Gamma nAChR subunit interfaces (with higher affinity however for the Alpha/Delta subunit interface). The 3D structure of AlphaC-Conotoxin PrXA is different from other conotoxins that target nAChR and it is most similar to Waglerin-1, a nAChR blocker isolated from a snake venom. AlphaC-Conotoxin PrXA is a useful tool for investigating the structure and physiological role of nAChRs.-Thr-Tyr-Gly-Ile-Tyr-Asp-Ala-Lys-Pro-Hyp-Phe-Ser-Cys 
Smartox Biotechnology
Product category
Proteins & Peptides
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Room Temperature
Nacres Codification

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