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Prolyl 4-Hydroxylated Human Alpha-Fibrinogen ELISA Kit

Product name
Prolyl 4-Hydroxylated Human Alpha-Fibrinogen ELISA Kit
Catalog number
KG612-1kit (1kit)
Assay Range : 2.73 - 175 ng/mL-Sample : EDTA-Plasma, Culture Supernatant--Fibrinogen is one of major component of plasma, and is a hexamer composed of pairs of three polypeptides (Alpha-, Beta- and Gamma-chain). Prolyl hydroxylation is known to be essential for folding, secretion, and stability of collagen triple helix.-In the powerful study using 2-Dimensional Image Converted Analysis of Liquid chromatography and mass spectrometry (2DICAL), it is found that proline 565 and 530 residues in Alpha-fibrinogen is hydroxylated by the Prolyl hydroxylase P4HA1. In addition, the plasma level of prolyl 4-hydroxylated Alpha-fibrinogen (HP-FGA) was increased in individuals who suffer pancreatic cancer. The significant difference between the said group (n=43) and healthy subjects (n=43) was observed in the 2-DICAL analysis. 
Product category
Assays & Kits
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Simplex Quantification
Biological activity
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