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AAV-CAG-hGluc (AAV Serotype 9)

Product name
AAV-CAG-hGluc (AAV Serotype 9)
Catalog number
SL116007-10uL (10 uL)
AAV9-CAG-fGluc is a pre-packaged rAAV in serotype 1 (capsid from AAV serotype 9 and 2xITR from AAV serotype 2) which over-expresses humanized form of Gaussia luciferase (hGluc) under CAG (also known as CBA promoter). The humanized form of Gaussia luciferase (hGLuc) was confirmed to be nontoxic and naturally secreted after over-expression in mammalian cells. hGLuc generated over 1000-fold higher bioluminescent signal intensity from live cell and over 100-fold higher intensity from viable cells alone (not including secreted luciferase) or cell lysates, compared to humanized forms of firefly (hFLuc) and Renilla (hRLuc) luciferases expressed under similar conditions. Furthermore, hGLuc showed 200-fold higher signal intensity than hRLuc and intensity comparable to that of hFLuc in vivo under standard imaging conditions. Ready-to-use format. 
SignaGen Laboratories
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Expression Vectors
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Dry Ice
Nacres Codification

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