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AAV-CAG-ChR2-Venus (AAV Serotype 2)

Product name
AAV-CAG-ChR2-Venus (AAV Serotype 2)
Catalog number
SL100847 (30 ul)
AAV2-ChR2-Venus is the serotype 2 AAV which express Channelrhodopsin-2 under CAG promoter with Venus tag. Channelrhodopsins are a subfamily of opsin proteins that function as light-gated ion channels and very useful for many bioengineering and neuroscience applications such as photostimulation of neurons for probing of neural circuits. Using Venus (a Yellow Fluorescent Protein) tagged ChR2, light-stimulated axons and synapses can be identified in intact brain tissue. This is useful to study the molecular events during the induction of synaptic plasticity. ChR2 has also been used to map long-range connections from one side of the brain to the other, and to map the spatial location of specific inputs on the dendritic tree of individual neurons. Titer: 1x10E12~1x10E13 VG/ml 
SignaGen Laboratories
Product category
Expression Vectors
Product sub category
Cell culture overexpression
Venus tag
Pre-package AAV
Shipment info
Dry Ice
Nacres Codification

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