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Vena8 with adhesive bottom layer

Product name
Vena8 with adhesive bottom layer
Catalog number
V8-Adhesive-1600-160-P10 (pack10)
Vena8 with adhesive bottom layer; Low Flow Rates-These biochips have a protective cover which can be peeled away to reveal adhesive bottom layer to which any material may be attached by the user. Each biochip contains 8 capillaries in parallel which can be assembled with a substrate from the user. Each 10 pack contains 80 assays. Compatible with ExiGo Pump, Mirus Evo Nanopump for shear stresses of 0.1 - 2 dyne/cm2 (water based solution) and 0.45 - 9 dyne/cm2 (whole blood). Compatible with Kima pump for shear stresses of 1 dyne/cm2 (water based solution); Kima pump not compatible with whole blood. Particularly suited for biofilm applications with Kima pump achieving shear stresses of 1dyne/cm2 where different substrate materials may be easily tested. 
Product category
Assays & Kits
Product sub category
Cell Based Assays
Shipment info
Room Temperature
Nacres Codification

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