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0.8 NMOLES UBE2A, His6

Product name
0.8 NMOLES UBE2A, His6
Catalog number
UB226H-0.8nmol (0.8nmol)
UBE2A is an E2 conjugation enzyme that is involved in the ubiquitylation of target substrates, along with E1 and E3 enzymes. UBE2A is a substrate for cyclin-dependent kinase 2 with phosphorylation of Ser120 dramatically increasing ubiquitin conjugating activity.  During the cell cycle, peak phosphorylation of UBE2A coincides with peak ubiquitylation of histone H2B. Ubiquitylated H2B stimulates methylation of lysine 4 of histone H3. UBE2A and B are also involved in DNA lesion repair via recruitment of alternative polymerases to DNA. UBE2A has been implicated in regulating the ubiquitination of aggregating proteins along with UBE2K and UBE2D2. 
Product category
Proteins & Peptides
Product sub category
Biological activity
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To be defined
Nacres Codification

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