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Bald Lentiviral Pseudovirion (Luc Reporter)

Product name
Bald Lentiviral Pseudovirion (Luc Reporter)
Catalog number
79943 (2x 500 ul)
The bald lentiviral pseudovirion was produced without envelope glycoproteins such as VSV-G or SARS-CoV-2 spike. It contains the firefly luciferase gene driven by a CMV promoter as the reporter. The bald lentiviral pseudovirion can serve as a negative control when studying virus entry initiated by specific interactions between virus particles and receptors. (Application Ideal as a negative control pseudovirion to study the mechanism of viral transduction). Although the pseudotyped lentiviruses are replication-incompetent, they require the use of a Biosafety Level 2 facility. 
BPS Bioscience
Product category
Expression Vectors
Product sub category
ORF expression
Lentiviral particles
Biological activity
Shipment info
Dry Ice
Nacres Codification


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