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AP1 Transient Pack JNK

Product name
AP1 Transient Pack JNK
Catalog number
79266 (500 rxns)
The AP1 Transient Pack is designed to provide the tools necessary for transiently transfecting and monitoring the activity of the JNK signaling pathway and the transcriptional activity of AP1 in cultured HEK293 cells. The kit contains transfection-ready vectors containing firefly luciferase as a JNK pathway-responsive reporter and constitutively expressing Renilla luciferase as a transfection control. It also includes the Dual Luciferase detection reagents to detect both luciferase activities and specialized medium for growing and assaying HEK293 cells.-The key to the AP1 Transient Pack is the AP1 luciferase reporter vector. This reporter contains the firefly luciferase gene under the control of multimerized AP1 responsive elements located upstream of a minimal promoter. The AP1 reporter is premixed with a constitutively-expressing Renilla luciferase vector that serves as an internal control for transfection efficiency.-The pack also includes a non-inducible firefly luciferase vector 
BPS Bioscience
Product category
Assays & Kits
Product sub category
Functional Assays
Monitor JNK signaling pathway activity and AP1-mediated activity. ?
Screen for activators or inhib
Biological activity
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Dry Ice
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