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Myc Reporter (Luc) - HCT116 Cell Line (Myc Signaling Pathway

Product name
Myc Reporter (Luc) - HCT116 Cell Line (Myc Signaling Pathway
Catalog number
60520 (2vials)
The Myc Reporter - HCT116 cell line contains the firefly luciferase gene under the control of Myc responsive elements stably integrated into HCT116 cells, a human colon cancer cell line. HCT116 contains a mutated ?beta-catenin which leads to the accumulation of ß?-catenin and constitutive activation of downstream Myc that induces the expression of Myc luciferase reporter. The cell line is validated for the inhibition of the expression of Myc luciferase reporter. 
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Cells, Media & Fractions
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Cell Lines
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Dry Ice
BPS Bioscience


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