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Highly Efficient Competent Cells

Product name
Highly Efficient Competent Cells
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20000 (20x50ul)
Quickgrow™ E. coli is specifically selected for its fast growth properties. Unlike some other commercial E. coli strains, which take at least 14 hrs for the colonies to grow large enough for picking, Quickgrow™ E. coli can grow to pickable colonies on LB plates within 9 hours. Quickgrow™ E. coli provide alpha-complementation of the beta-galactosidase gene for color selection. They may be used for producing single-stranded DNA from M13 or phagemid and are also useful for inducible protein expression of those genes under LacUV5 promoter control. The genotype is F' proA B lacIq D(lacZ)M15/ D(lac-proAB) glnV thi-1 D(hsdS-mcrB)5. 
BPS Bioscience
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Cloning Tools
Cloning, Transformation
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Dry Ice
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