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16 Sample Kit EUR 714

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Human Autoimmune Disease IgG Autoantibody Array G1

Product name
Human Autoimmune Disease IgG Autoantibody Array G1
Catalog number
PAH-AIDG-G1-16 (16 Sample Kit)
RayBio® Autoimmune Disease (AID) IgG Autoantibody Array G1 contains 33 human proteins and double strand DNA(dsDNA) for simultaneous detection of human IgG autoantibodies presented in blood serum samples of common 10 autoimmune diseases, such as systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE), SjÃ?gren's syndrome, Rheumatoid arthritis, primary biliary cirrhosis, etc. Solid Support : Glass Slide. Detection Method : Fluorescence Laser Scanner. Compatible Sample Types : Serum 
Product category
Product sub category
Protein Arrays
Target species
Target's name
Alanyl-tRNA Synthetase, Cytokeratin 8 (KRT8), Centromere protein B (CENP-B), Centromere protein A (CENP-A), dsDNA, Gliadin, Glycine-tRNA ligase (AP-4-A synthetase/GlyRS), Nuclear pore protein gp210 (POM210/Nucleoporin Nup210), Histone H2A, Histone H2B, Cytokeratin 19 (KRT19), Histidine-tRNA ligase (HisRS), Lupus La protein (SS-B), LC-1, Cytokeratin 20 (KRT20), M/Scl 100, M2, Mi-2, Myeloperoxidase, Nuclear pore glycoprotein p62 (Nucleoporin Nup62), Calcitonin, PCNA, Myelobla... More
Biological activity
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