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Beta - Amyloid (1 - 42), HiLexa(TM) Fluor 488 - labeled, Hum

Product name
Beta - Amyloid (1 - 42), HiLexa(TM) Fluor 488 - labeled, Hum
Catalog number
AS-65627 (0.1mg)
This is a fluorescent (HiLexa TM Fluor 488) labeled ß-Amyloid peptide, Abs/Em=503/528 nm. HiLexa 488 TM Fluor labeled Aß (1-42) offers brighter intensity with high fluorescence quantum yield and photostability suitable for pH-insensitive applications including flow cytometry and imaging. HiLexa TM Fluor 488 has the same structure as that of Alexa® Fluor 488. Aß (1-42), a major component of amyloid plaques and accumulates in neurons of Alzheimer?s disease (AD) brains. Solvent Information HiLexa TM Fluor 488 labeled ß-Amyloid peptide can be used in studies applicable for monitoring aggregation kinetics of Abeta via steady-state fluorescence, measuring amyloid aggregates in cellular compartments in live neurons via confocal microscopy, quantification of Abeta(1-42) by flow cytometry upon cellular uptake, monitoring Abeta fibrillogenesis via fluorescence correlation spectroscopy, assaying Abeta degradation, evaluating role of autophagy in cell lines via immunoblotting, in vitro p 
Product category
Proteins & Peptides
Product sub category
Biological activity
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