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WM1361A Viable Cells (5 x 10^6 cells)

Product name
WM1361A Viable Cells (5 x 10^6 cells)
Catalog number
WM1361A-01-0005-A (1ml)
Background : WM1361A is a tumorigenic (VGP) primary melanoma cell line with competence for metastasis. These cells display mesenchymal morphology in culture. This cell line contains a Q61R mutation at position 61 in the N-RAS gene. The Q61R is the most common NRAS mutation found in melanoma that is thought to occur due to UV and radiation exposure. This mutation leads to production of a constitutively active N-RAS protein that directs cells to grow and divide constantly. This cell line also expresses PTEN loss of function including hemizygous PTEN deletion and is wild type for BRAF, c-KIT, and CDK4. WM1361A cells produce xenograft tumors when injected into immunocompromised mice.
Application Note : The key applications of these cell lines include genetic studies, xenograft production, drug testing, and drug target discovery. These cell line models can be used in various biological assays, and for identifying critical target genes, and cell signaling pathways. 
Product category
Cells, Media & Fractions
Product sub category
Cell Lines
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Dry Ice
Nacres Codification

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