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10X BBS Fish Gel Concentrate

Product name
10X BBS Fish Gel Concentrate
Catalog number
MB-065-0100 (100ml)
MB-065-1000 (1pack)
Background : Highly sensitive ELISA assays require minimal non-specific interactions.  Non-specific binding results in elevated background levels and a decrease in signal-to-noise ratios.  Blocking reagents act to minimize non-specific interactions of secondary reactants with each other and with the primary solid phase binding sites. Rockland offers several options for antibody diluents in multiple buffer configurations that effectively block non-specific interactions and minimize background. Multiple formulations offer greater flexibility in experimental design.
Application Note : This product is a 10X concentrated stock solution.  Prepare a 1X working solution by diluting 1 part 10X concentrate with 9 parts distilled-deionized water or equivalent. 10X BBS Fish Gel Concentrate consists of 1.0M boric acid, 1.5M sodium chloride and Fish Gelatin at pH 8.0.  A proprietary combination of stabilizers and preservatives are used that are azide and mercury free. 
Product category
Lab Consumables
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Cool Pack
Nacres Codification


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