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20X SSC pH 7.0

Product name
20X SSC pH 7.0
Catalog number
MB-045-4000 (4.0 L)
Background : Saline-sodium citrate (SSC) buffer is most commonly used as a buffer for the hybridization process and washing in experiments where spcies of nucleic or ribonucleic acid are to be matched to complimentary sequences (such as Southern and Nouthern blotting, in situ hybridization, or DNA microarrays). SSC is used to help control the stringency of hybridization in these steps.
Application Note : 20X SSC pH 7.0 (3.0 M Sodium Chloride, 0.3 M Sodium Citrate, pH 7.0) DEPC Treated is a concentrated stock solution and should be diluted appropriately with distilled, deionized water or equivalent to its final working concentration. 20X SSC pH 7.0 (3.0 M Sodium Chloride, 0.3 M Sodium Citrate, pH 7.0) DEPC Treated contains 3.0 M Sodium Chloride, 0.3 M Sodium Citrate adjusted to pH 7.0.  Meticulously prepared using ultra pure reagents dissolved in highly polished pharmaceutical grade deionized water treated with diethyl pyrocarbonate (DEPC). 
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