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Anti Sipa1

Product name
Anti Sipa1
Catalog number
600-401-A36 (100ug)
Anti-Sipa1 Antibody - Immunohistochemistry tebu-bio Background : This antibody is designed, produced, and validated as part of a collaboration between Rockland and the National Cancer Institute (NCI) and is suitable for Cancer, Immunology and Nuclear Signaling research. Sipa1 (signal-induced proliferation associated gene 1) is a mitogen-induced GTPase activating protein (GAP). It exhibits a specific GAP activity for Ras-related regulatory proteins Rap1 and Rap2, but not for Ran or other small GTPases. This protein may also hamper mitogen-induced cell cycle progression when abnormally or prematurely expressed. Sipa1 is localized to the perinuclear region. Two alternatively spliced variants encoding the same isoform have been characterized to date.
Application Note : This affinity purified antibody has been tested for use in ELISA, immunohistochemistry, and western blotting.  Specific conditions for reactivity should be optimized by the end user.  Expect a band approximately 130 kDa in size corresponding 
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Primary Antibodies
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Anti-Sipa1 Antibody - Immunohistochemistry tebu-bioAnti-Sipa1 Antibody - Western Blot tebu-bio