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451lLu BR Non-Viable Cell Pellet (10 x 10^6 cells)

Product name
451lLu BR Non-Viable Cell Pellet (10 x 10^6 cells)
Catalog number
451lLu BR-03-0010-A (10mg)
Background : Non-viable cell pellet was generated from cell line 451ILu BR. 451ILu BR is a human metastatic melanoma cell line. This cell line is resistant to BRAF and MEK inhibitors. This cell line features the specific V600E (Val600Glu) mutation at codon 600 in the BRAF gene. This mutation causes constitutively active kinase activity and activation of MEK and ERK signaling pathway. This cell line was derived from the same patient as the cell lines, WM164, and 451Lu. 451ILu BR cells produce xenograft tumors when injected into immunocompromised mice.
Application Note : Frozen non-viable cell pellets can be used for in vitro experiments such as Western blotting and other immunoassays, genomic DNA isolation, STR profiling, and RNA isolation. 
Product category
Cells, Media & Fractions
Product sub category
Cell Lysates & RNA
Target species
Shipment info
Dry Ice
Nacres Codification

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