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PARP1 (N-term ZF1) Control Protein

Product name
PARP1 (N-term ZF1) Control Protein
Catalog number
009-001-GM8 (25ug)
Background : PARP1 is the primary member of the poly(ADP-ribose) polymerase family, whose function is to signal DNA damage (and to recruit repair proteins) by PARylation. PARP1 is also involved in multiple cell death pathways, including apoptosis, necroptosis, autophagy, and a relatively new pathway termed parthanatos. PARP1 can also promote tissue survival by shifting the balance of cell death programs between autophagy and necrosis. Clinical studies have shown vulnerability to PARP inhibitors in DNA repair defective cancers. PARP1-ZF is useful for researchers interested in cellular processes including DNA damage, transcriptional control, and stem cell identity research.
Application Note : PARP1 (N-term ZF1) is suitable as a control for immunological assays that use Anti-PARP1-ZF (RABBIT) Antibody (200-401-GM8). Specific conditions for reactivity should be optimized by the end user. Expect a band approximately 13 kDa in size corresponding to PARP-1 by western blotting. 
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