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1ml EUR 12000

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Embryonic Rat Hypothalamus Cell Line R19 (rHypoE-19)

Product name
Embryonic Rat Hypothalamus Cell Line R19 (rHypoE-19)
Catalog number
CLU210-P (1ml)
Price for 'For Profit Organisation' Only. For for non-profit organisation, please use the cat nr CLU210-A-1-Item is subject to signature of MTA. Please contact your local tebu-bio office to get a personalized price.2-Description: Immortalized hypothalamic neurons. Immortalized from rat embryonic day 18 hypothalamic primary cultures by retroviral transfer of SV40 T-Ag. These cell lines have been found to express an ever expanding array of neuropeptides, enzymatic markers and biologically active receptors.-As such, these cell lines enable accurate in-vitro assays for use in the discovery, development and validation of new therapeutics targeted to central-nervous system diseases and disorders, including obesity, stress, and metabolic disorders, amongst others.- 
Cedarlane Laboratories
Product category
Cells, Media & Fractions
Product sub category
Cell Lines
Target species
Shipment info
Dry Ice
Nacres Codification


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