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Human Wnt3a recombinant protein - now produced in a Human system

What better way to work on a human model, than with a protein produced in a human system?

You can now use the Human Wnt3A recombinant protein, produced and purified from a Human cell line-derived system.


  • Sequence : Ser19-Lys352 (334 Amino Acid) 

  • Mass Weight : 41 kDa (evaluated by SDS-Page under reducing conditions) 

  • Purity : Two different level of purity (evaluated by SDS-Page under reducing conditions) 

  • Low : rhW3aL : 75% 

  • High : rhW3aH : 95-98%    

With its well known activity on the canonical Wnt signaling pathway, the Human Wnt3a recombinant protein will help you to achieve significant breakthroughs on your human model in fields such as :

  • Drug Discovery (1) 

  • Organoid Growth (2) 


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(1) : Moon J, et al (2017) Blockade to pathological remodeling of infarcted heart tissue using a porcupine antagonist. Proc Natl Acad Sci;114(7):1649-1654 

(2) : Fatehullah A, et al (2016) Organoids as an in vitro model of human development and disease. Nat Cell Biol ; 18(3):246-54