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Innovative fluorescent probes

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Discover a selection of popular probes from the range of highly innovative fluorescent probes developed by Goryo Chemicals.

Kyoto Probe (KP-1)

Chemical probe for Human IPS/ES cells

  • Able to distinguish human iPS cells and/or human ES cells from differentiated cells
  • Usable for flow cytometry or live cell imaging
  • Staining while culturing

AcidiFluor™ ORANGE

AcidiFluor™ ORANGE is a fluorescence imaging probe which enhances fluorescence dramatically in acidic environments. This probe can stain acidic organelles such as lysosome, late endosome and granule selectively. Its excellent selectivity enables to detect acidic environments.

  • High S/N ratio
  • Orange color fluorescence and usable for multicolor imaging
  • Great photostability


HYDROP is a fluorescent probe which is non-fluorescent under physiological condition, but fluoresces upon reaction with hydrogen peroxide (H2O2).

  • Measurement of intracellular reactive oxygen species (ROS)
  • High specificity to hydrogen peroxide. 
  • Suitable for time-lapse imaging thanks to slow photobleaching

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