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New Allopregnanolone EIA kit from monoclonal antibody

Better performance, higher sensitivity

In addition to the supply stability offered by the monoclonal antibodies, this new kit is more sensitive than the previous ones based on polyclonal antibodies (K044-H and K044-C).

It requires smaller sample volumes and provides increased signal, and also has a more favorable cross reactivity profile:

  • Compatible with Serum, Plasma, Dried Feces, Urine or TCM samples
  • Species independent
  • High Sensitivity - 129.7 pg/mL
  • Cross-reactivity tested against THDOC, Pregnanolone, Progesterone... (<0.08%)

Offer valid up to March 31st, for one kit ref. K061-H1 (1 plate) at 50% discount off catalog price. Non-cumulative with any other offers, discounts or price agreements. Mention promo code 170216-01 for discount to be applied.

Learn more about this kit in this post by Isabelle Nobiron on Being bioreactive:

"New, more sensitive monoclonal based Allopregnanolone kit for AD research"