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Get a free HRP secondary!

Buy 1 Boster primary antibody, and get your secondary FREE

Throughout January, tebu-bio will match your primary antibodies with a FREE HRP conjugated secondary polyclonal antibody guaranteed for WB and IHC applications.

Choose your qualified secondary antibodies from the list below and take advantage of this promotion!

  • HRP Conjugated Goat Anti human IgA (0,25 ml) - cat. nr BA1066-0.25
  • HRP Conjugated Goat Anti human IgM (0.25 ml) - cat. nr BA1077-0.25
  • HRP Conjugated Rabbit Anti human IgG (0.5 ml) - cat. nr BA1070-0.5
  • HRP Conjugated Goat Anti mouse IgM (0.25 ml) - cat. nr BA1075-0.25
  • HRP Conjugated Goat Anti mouse IgG (0.5 ml) - cat. nr BA1050-0.5
  • HRP Conjugated Rabbit Anti rat IgG (0.5 ml) - cat. nr BA1058-0.5
  • HRP Conjugated Rabbit Anti goat IgG (0.5 ml) - cat. nr BA1060-0.5
  • HRP Conjugated Goat Anti rabbit IgG (0.5 ml) - cat. nr BA1054-0.5


*Valid for orders placed up to March 31st, 2017. Free secondary antibodies by Boster must be chosen among those mentioned above, and ordered together with Boster's primary antibodies to qualify. Contact your local tebu-bio office for any questions.