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CleanTag™ Library preparation for Next-Generation Sequencing

What are the benefits of the CleanTag™ technology?

Small RNA sequencing (small RNA-seq) is a powerful tool, however library preparation is dominated by adapter dimer formation. Adapter dimers form when the 5΄ and 3΄ adapters self-ligate without the target library insert. Consequently, amplification of this smaller adapter dimer side product often out-competes amplification of the tagged library.

A unique solution (TriLink Biotechnologies) employing CleanTag™ modified adapters, blocks adapter-adapter ligation thus improving the adapter dimer to tagged library ratio, which leads to significantly higher quality sequencing data.

This patent-pending technology:

  • Increases valuable sequencing reads
  • Handles RNA inputs as low as 1 ng
  • Tags efficiently even in samples with low miRNA abundance
  • Eliminates the need for gel purification
  • Makes it possible to achieve full automation

CleanTag™ renders small RNA-Seq fully automatable

The size of the adapter dimer and tagged library are often similar in length, thus requiring a gel size selection to enrich the libraries for the desired product. Additionally, most commercially available library prep kits require large inputs or a gel enrichment step prior to ligation. Because of this, a fully automated workflow was not possible. TriLink's CleanTag™ technology eliminates the need for enrichment and gel purification, thus allowing full automation of small RNA-seq for the first time.