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miTarget™ 3' UTR miRNA Target Clones

GeneCopoeia offers genome-wide human, mouse and rat microRNA (miRNA) 3' UTR target clones in mammalian expression vectors. miRNA 3' UTR target clones can be used for miRNA target identification and functional validation of predicted targets, or to study the regulatory effect of miRNAs on target genes.

  • Live cell assays
    • Naturally secreted GLuc reporter
    • No lysis of the cells is necessary
    • Save samples, reduce variations, and simplify experiments
  • Dual-reporter vector system
    • Enables transfection normalization for accurate across-sample comparison
  • High-throughput compatible
    • Group study or high sample number compatible
  • High sensitivity
    • GLuc is 1000-fold more sensitive than firefly or Renilla luciferase
  • Convenience
    • All 3' UTR target clones are transfection-ready


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