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01/07/11   -   CleanAmp dUTP can be incorporated in UNG decontamination schemes
24/06/11   -   CleanAmp 7-deaza-dGTP can be used with a variety of DNA polymerases
17/06/11   -   CleanAmp 7-deaza-dGTP can improve target specificity for GC-rich targets
10/06/11   -   CleanAmp dNTPs can successfully amplify seven targets in multiplex PCR
03/06/11   -   CleanAmp dNTPs improve the performance of a variety of thermostable DNA polymerases
27/05/11   -   CleanAmp™ dNTPs increase the limit of detection in real-time PCR
22/04/11   -   New powerful transfectants are available in Europe

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