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19/04/17   miTarget™ 3' UTR miRNA Target Clones
09/04/17   GeneCopoeia OmicsLink™ shRNA Clone Collections
07/04/17   Choose your Arrays with 10% discount
13/03/17   Cell Counting Kit 8 (CCK-8) - An easier way for MTT assay users to analyse cell viability
06/03/17   Request your copy of the Cytoskeleton Minicatalog 2017

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20/04/17   ORF expression clone for SLC12A3(NM_000339.2) (Purified plasmid)
20/04/17   Empty control vector for pReceiver-M56
20/04/17   All-in-One qPCR Primer for NM_000339.1
20/04/17   Rabbit Anti-Human IL-17F
20/04/17   ORF expression clone for PARP6(NM_020214.2) (Purified plasmid)

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08/05/17   CNRS Conferences Jacques Monod - Actin and Microtubule cytoskeleton
08/06/17   9th Bordeaux RNA Club Symposium
15/06/17   BYNS 2017 - Barcelona Young Neuroscientists Symposium
26/06/17   14th European ISSX Meeting
28/06/17   9th Imaging the Cell meeting
11/09/17   BLSW & Miptec 2017 - Basel Life Science Week
03/10/17   EMBO - EMBL - Seeing is believing - Imaging the Processes of Life

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