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DuraScribe T7 Transcription Kit

Product name
DuraScribe T7 Transcription Kit
Catalog number
DS010910 (10 Rxn)
DS010925 (25 Rxn)
High-yield synthesis of RNase A-resistant RNA for in situ hybridization, aptamer, ribonuclease protection assays, RNA interference (RNAi), ribozyme studies, and antisense RNA studies.


- DuraScript RNA is completely resistant to RNase A and to the nucleases found on human skin.
- No need for gloves, DEPC-treatment of reagents, or RNase inhibitors when making or working with DuraScript RNA.
- Double-stranded DuraScript RNA is taken up by cultured mammalian cells in the presence of serum and without the need for transfection reagents.
- Fluorescently labeled DuraScribe RNA can be readily produced. 
Product category
Product sub category
In Vitro Transcription
Target's name
IVT without capping
Target modification
Shipment info
Dry Ice
Epicentre - Illumina


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